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Ministry to continue developing human capital: Dr Yee

21nd November, 2008
Sumber: New Sabah Times

KOTA KINABALU: The Ministry of Resource Development and IT will continue its efforts to develop human capital in line with the Strategic State Budget 2009, said its Minister, Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai.

The Ministry has been allocated with RM54.92 million under the supplementary bills and RM5.2 million was given under the development allocation, he said in his winding up speech at the State Assembly yesterday.

He said his Ministry will strive to develop quality, knowledgeable and productive human capital to meet the needs of manpower in the Sabah Development Corridor and to promote the use of ICT among the people.

Various programme had been implemented in 2008 such as the English Competencies for Employment with 1,000 people comprising school leavers, teachers, members from women associations, NGOs and politicians attended the training which focused on those in the tourism and hospitality, business and commerce, manufacturers and agriculture sectors.

Training had also been provided for the owners of bumiputra companies whereby in 2008 a total of 20 entrepreneur courses such as basic business accounting, advance in business budgeting, building contractor, civil engineering and road and piping as well as construction management were organised and attended by 802 people, he said.

Bumiputera companies that attended the courses organised by the Ministry will be given a certificate to enable them to apply for the PUKONSA license from the Ministry of Finance. A total of 2,252 bumiputera companies received the certificate, he said.

The Ministry had been allocated with RM10 million to organise various linguistic courses particularly for the youth in 2009 such as English, Korean and Japanese languages apart from ICT and Microsoft Certified System Engineers, he said.

The Ministry had also been given RM750,000 to conduct the human capital master plan in 2009 to replace the Sabah Manpower Master Plan Study carried out by British Council in 1983/84 which is no longer relevant, he said.

In 2009, he said the Human Resource Development Department (HRDD) had been allocated with RM9.6 million to implement human capital development programme among others which include the introduction of a new course on maintenance of machine in the agriculture sector with 20 trainees expected to start off the training.

"HRDD will be collaborating with Petronas to organise two programmes that will offer skills certificate in Structural Welding & Fabrication and Chargeman level AO. The certificate is recognised in the country and overseas," said Dr Yee.

His Ministry through the Sabah Skills and Technology Centre (SSTC) had proposed to start a new programme on International Computer Driving Licence next year which offers an international certificate to enable the individual to show off their skills in using computer, he said.

SSTC will strive to increase the workers of IKS through the courses under SMIDEC. A total of 500 participants are expected to be trained, he said.

Dr Yee said his Ministry will continue to enhance the human capital programmes towards the k-based society in 2009 and this will be supported by the enriched resource infrastructure growth through ICT.

"A preliminary study will be carried out to establish the Knowledge Park Sabah and Sabah ICT Blueprint," he said.

The Sabah electronic government will continue to be promoted and efforts will be taken to further increase the network of the Sabah Net, he said.


  1. huge numbers financially speaking,hopefully the products of these programs will enable the govt,especially in the development of the SDC no matter from which sectors they're from.

  2. Hi, I just heard the licence called PUKONSA coz my dad is applying for it. Anyone can explain what is this about? I have googled it for so many times but there is no specific info on that particular licence.Is it the same with the 'Class F' licence?

  3. Hi Lil' Sue,

    Dont be so confusing. There are 2 different thing you should know, whether the projects budget are funded from Federal or State.

    If the project is funded from Federal, and if it is a construction works, we will use PKK License (Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor), which was categorized by project limit from Class F to Class A license. Class F is only given for bumiputera contractors.

    PUKONSA license mainly used for local contractor in Sabah which all of projects funded under Sabah State of Finance. License must be obtained from Unit POKUNSA, Kementerian Kewangan Sabah.

  4. Hi Lil Sue,

    Fungsi adalah PKK & POKUNSA adalah sama cuma membezakannya adalah dari segi sumber peruntukan yang disalurkan.

    POKUNSA khusus untuk kontrakotr di Sabah dimana semua peruntukan kerja projek disalurkan melalui Kerajaan Negeri Sabah, melalui Kementerian Kewangan Sabah. License hanya dikeluarkan oleh Unit POKUNSA, Kementerian Kewangan Sabah, hanya untuk rakyat di Sabah.

    License PKK (Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor) adalah projek yang disalurkan oleh Federal (Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia) melalui agensi2 Kerajaan Persekutuan. Setiap nilai kerja projek dikategorikan melalui Class iaitu dari F ke A.
    Sebagai contoh, PKK F hanya tertakluk kepada kerja projek dibawah RM200,000.00, hanya diberikan kepada kontraktor yang bertaraf bumiputera.

    Harap ini dapat membantu.

    Pemuda Ranau